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Where can aromatherapy take me?

What can I go on to do once I have qualified as an Aromatherapist?

Qualifying in Aromatherapy can open up a world of possibilities. The use of complementary medicine and natural remedies as an alternative to synthetic drugs has rapidly increased in recent years and there is a real demand for qualified aromatherapists.

Working as an Aromatherapist Practitioner can provide you with a flexible working lifestyle. Working around family or an existing job, you may choose to open your own business and practice from home, rent a room in a clinic, work in a salon or a spa or even work as a mobile therapist. You may choose to work in a medical environment in either a hospice or hospital setting working in palliative care. Providing care for carers is another rewarding experience.

You may decide to create your own product range or go on to extend your learning with a view to working in the perfume industry.

As a perfumers-creator, you may create scents for perfume houses or, as a Perfume Analyst, specialize in the technique of chromatography. Working as an in-house perfumer you may create formulations for a particular brand or you may choose to work in product formulation. The list is almost endless.

Alternatively you may choose to integrate aromatherapy into your existing career in order to support the work you provide to your clients or choose to study and then specialise in a particular area. Popular areas include pregnancy and birth, dementia, mental health, teenagers, infants and children or even animals.

You could go on to specialise in Aromatherapy research and development or explore possibilities as an essential oil importer, distributor, wholesaler or retailer

Aromatherapy research and development, writing papers for International Journals, working as an editor or even becoming an author.
Wherever you choose to work, you will be helping to improve people's health and wellbeing and working in a fascinating sector.

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